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Sorbonne Entrepreneur

Sorbonne Entrepreneur brings together the entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs taking its Masters in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the prestigious Sorbonne University. We have the privilege of working with them on the development of teaching and learning, as well as on mentoring and other upcoming events such as the future Startlab x Sorbonne Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial Grand Prix!

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Ile-de-France region

Through its innovation grants, the Ile-de-France Region chooses to support innovative projects with a positive impact on the development of jobs today and in the future. We are particularly proud to be supported by the Ile-de-France Region in our process of promoting a more innovative and more engaging education for all.

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Académie de Versailles

One of the main priorities of the Académie de Versailles is to develop new educational activities in accordance with its courses and to use digital technology to benefit education as a whole. The first academy to support our approach, it has allowed us to test and improve our Startlab resource through trials in its establishments.

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IDEE Programme of the Hauts-de-France Region

The IDEE initiative (Innovons Développons l'Esprit d'Entreprendre/Innovating and Developing a Spirit of Enterpreneurship) was created in 2012 at the Académie de Lille and extended to the Académie d'Amiens in 2018. It is supported by the Hauts-de-France Region and by Europe to develop entrepreneurship-related actions and is part of a comprehensive approach to achieve the economic development of the Hauts-de-France Region. We are delighted to be part of this initiative and to be labelled “IDEE”!

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French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports

Through its GAR certification, the French Ministry of National Education considers us a trusted third party. This certification recognises not only the educational value of the Startlab solution, but also our respect for the rules of the GDPR.

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Onisep's mission is to offer young people, their families and educational teams with all the information on studies and jobs. We are honoured to be working closely with their teams on certain initiatives, including recently “An internship with a difference”. During this operation, we made the Startlab solution available to secondary/high schools in France free of charge to replace the "observation internship" affected by the COVID pandemic.


Edtech France

France has a lot to promote in terms of education and technology. Edtech France unites, organises and promotes the initiatives of a community of startups in the sector. We are particularly delighted to be part of this growing family.

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Réseau Entreprendre

Réseau Entreprendre Paris is an association of business leaders that has been specialising in entrepreneurial support since 2004. "To create jobs, let's create employers” . The founders of Startlab are delighted to be part of this network with such humanist values.

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BPI France

Startlab is an innovative approach with a “Made in France” side of which we are particularly proud. The BPI public investment bank, with its mission of financing innovation, supports us in our development.

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